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Myutron Telecentric Lens – LSTL-H Series


  • Line up : 0.35x, 0,5x, 1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x
  • Suitable for large area sensor of high resolution,120 Mega Pixel,71 Mega Pixel, and 50 Mega Pixel
  • Design for large aperture
  • Excellent uniformity of brightness and resolution
  • Suitable for high speed and precise measurement
  • Adjustable iris, possible to adjust depth of field
Model Magnification F No. Object side NA WD OI Depth of field Resolution TV distortion Image Circle Mount
LSTL035H-F 0.35x 6.0 0.029 202mm 503.9mm 3.9mm 11.5μ -0.01% φ48mm F/M42
LSTL05H-F 0.5x 6.0 0.042 202mm 501.2mm 1.9mm 8.0μ 0.01% φ48mm F/M42
LSTL10H-F 1.0x 6.4 0.077 113.3mm 343.0mm 0.52mm 4.3μ 0.01% φ44mm F
LSTL15H-F 1.5x 7.8 0.095 109.1mm 359.5mm 0.17mm 3.5μ 0.02% φ44mm F
LSTL20H-F 2.0x 8.7 0.12 109.2mm 392.9mm 0.12mm 2.9μ -0.02% φ44mm F