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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – XLS Series (Area Sensor and Line Sensor Lens for 151 Mega Pixel and 16K x 5μm)


  • Compatible with large image circle, φ82mm
  • Suitable for Area Sensor Camera, 151 Mega Pixel, and Line Sensor Camera such as 16K x 5μm, 16K x 3.5μm
  • Adjustable magnification by lock ring
  • Design for wide angle, suitable for large field of view in limited space
  • Excellent uniformity and very low distortion
  • F, M95, M90, M84.5 and M72 mount are available
Product Model Magnification ∞FNO WD Optical Distortion Maximum Compatible sensor
XLS01-□ ∞ -0.125x 5.6 ∞ -705mm -0.02% φ82mm
XLS02-□ 0.125x – 0.3x 5.6 705mm-315mm -0.02% φ82mm