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Smart Vision Lights DDL-250 Dome Light

The DDL-250 is a diffuse dome light with a 235 mm viewing area designed for reading barcode, imperfections/rounded/highly reflective products or for inspecting products with an even, uniform, and repeatable light intensity. The DDL-250 has been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. The DDL-250 features Multi-Drive, which allows the user to operate the light in continuous operation or OverDrive strobe mode, depending on the wiring method. NPN and PNP trigger signal input and a built-in 1-10VDC analog intensity control allows for maximum versatility. The industry-standard 5-pin M12 connector makes for easy installation

Product Details
Illumination Type Dome "Light Tent"
IP Rating IP50
Min Working Distance 25 mm
Max Working Distance 100 mm
Mode Multi-Drive™
Wavelength WHI - White / 470 - Blue / 530 - Green / 625 - Red