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Myutron Macro Zoom Lens – TLZ Series


  • 10x Zoom (0.2x – 2.0x)
  • Compact design of 10x zoom ratio
  • Reduce relative illumination
  • High resolution at the whole magnification
  • Motorized zoom type is available
  • Long WD, 227mm



Model Magnification WD Resolution Object side NA Depth of field TV distortion Maximum Compatible sensor
TLZ0220C (Manual Zoom) 0.2x-2.0x 227mm 22.4μ〜 7.6μ 0.015〜 0.044 13.1mm〜 0.45mm -0.16%〜 0.16% 1/1.8”
TLZ0220C-SM (Motorized Zoom)
○Indicated specifications are design values. ○Resolution indicates a theoretical resolution at a wavelength of 550nm. ○Depth of field is calculated assuming permissible circle of confusion is 40μm.