The NEW Swivellink Stronguard® Modular Guarding

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Swivellink® continues to add quality innovative products, and the Stronguard® product line is another example of this. Stronguard® is a powder coated industrial guarding line built to solve two needs in automation and manufacturing.

* Modularity – the design allows for product to be stocked on the shelf and assembled quickly. No more waiting for custom guarding.

* Strength – Stronguard® was designed and manufactured with durability, longevity, and strength in mind. No more cheap guarding in your plant.

Stronguard® is some of the best guarding on the market. If you’re looking for strength, modularity, and easy to assemble, there is nothing quite like Stronguard®. This design has been used for several years and we’re excited to share it with you.




The Stronguard Difference:

1) Panels can be quickly customized in the field
2) Posts are stackable to achieve various heights
3) Post design allows for several angles utilizing the same post – no longer need to order a specific post to get the angle you’re trying to achieve
4) Panels can swing in or out for easy access, making each panel an access point if needed
5) Easy to convert panels into a door with our door conversion kits
6) Large foot with four anchor holes
7) Four threaded holes around the sides of the foot plate to allow the feet to be easily leveled utilizing a bolt – no more shimming
8) Heavy duty light curtain mounts available
9) Interlock plates available
10) Mesh can be easily changed without needing to purchase a whole new panel
11) Easy to reconfigure a different layout utilizing the same components
12) With the Stronguard® design, you will save more money after the initial purchase compared to most of the competition
13) Stronguard Quick Kits available for ease of purchase

For more information, kindly send in your enquiries to or call +65 6748 5517.