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The Ultimate Solution to High-density I/O Application


Are you still using an I/O card to control strobes, solenoids, and actuators? Or to acquire data from photo detectors or triggers?

There is a better way: The new BitBox from BitFlow provides an unprecedented 36 inputs and 36 outputs in a compact, DIN-rail mounted, compact form factor that supports TTL, LVDS, open collector, opto-isolated and 24V signaling.

Amazingly simple to deploy, the BitBox™ is controlled solely by a BitFlow frame grabber, using the same API, driver, and manual. As a result, you achieve significant cost savings, while reducing space requirements and flattening the learning curve for developers. In addition, this solution isolates noisy, high-voltage signals generated by the system, keeping them away from the computer where they could cause data drops, video problems, malfunctions, and random network errors.

All transmitters and receivers are located right in the BitBox, on the rail, close to the other equipment. Control is facilitated by a small high-speed cable which goes between the BitBox and the frame grabber. This cable can be up to 10 meters in length, providing maximum flexibility in positioning equipment inside the machine.