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3D Imaging Solution

Introducing MUNOS, our solution to measure height data by using 2D vision. Now we can empower your machine to automatically Introducing MUNOS, our solution to measure height data by using 2D vision. Now we can empower your machine to automatically


Sofkore is an optical metrology software package developed by talented individuals from computer vision, optical physics, software design fields and optical metrology software library for 3D applications. It’s also called 3d vision software. With this 3d measurement μ³, you can analyse and visualize various imaging data through its powerful 2D and 3D processing pipelines. MU3 can be a very smart prototyping tool to generate contour/slice of closed mesh objects and generate plate joints, etc. It is also a flexible visualization by varying display scale, user-specified range, true color, pseudo color.

MU3 is a powerful processing toolbox in arithmetic operation, imaging body operation, color separation and combination, computer tomography (CT), image masking, edge detection, filtering, morphology, computational geometry, statistics, threshold, fitting, object detection, fourier transform and others. It also has basic drawing functions which are able to create various shapes and types of annotations. μ³ integrates a wide range of functions for applications in Precision Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Non-Destructive Testing, and Quality Control & Inspection, Research & Development. μ³ is a software platform for various 3D system development which can be categorized into 3 broad categories of 3D imaging, NDT & Image Reconstruction. This includes Stereo Vision, 3D Line scan, Fringe Projection, Digital Holography, White Light Interferometry, Shearography, Digital Image Correlation, Deflectometry, CT 3D Rendering, 2D/3D Nesting and laser line triangulation. In today’s world, specular surfaces challenge 3D measurement tools technology.

Fringe Projection:

Fringe projection is a structured light base 3D scanner that brings physical objects into a 3D point cloud. A full field determination of a 3D surface profile can be achieved with large point cloud data, high accuracy, high precision, and high speed. Applications in such diverse fields as aerospace, medical, product inspection, quality control, and reverse engineering are possible. JM Vistec System technical competency will certainly value-add your businesses to come. Learn more on our wide range of 3d measurement solutions.