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Be ready for the future. You might have heard about Industrial 4.0 initiatives & Machine Vision but what does it mean? Is your QC department still conducting manual inspection? Do you not have a Vision Engineer?

Fret not, JM Vistec System has the right support for all machine vision applications. Our in-house vision team consist of optics specialists, software engineers & lighting manufacturing team.


Our Services

  • Vision Consultation
  • Lens Recommendations
  • Lighting Recommendations
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Semi-vision Solution
  • Full Vision Solution
  • Automated Optical Inspection System

Benefits of line scan cameras including perfect, high resolution images, and the ability to image large objects.

A line scan camera has a single line of pixels that image across an object. To build up a two-dimensional image of the object, either the camera or object is moved perpendicular to the line of pixels. This might seem like a complicated way to image an object compared with “frame cameras” that take two-dimensional images (a “frame”). However, when the object is large, continuously moving, or the task needs perfect or high resolution imaging, a line scan camera is often a much better choice than a frame camera.

Suitable Applications

  • Large & Long Objects (eg. plastic sheets, wood inspection)
  • High Speed Inspection (eg. bank notes)
  • Reflective Surfaces (eg. metal sheets)

Autofocus feature is prevalent in the common DSLR or consumer digital electronics. Contrary to popular belief, automation has yet to be fully automated. We have taken the next step closer to Industrial 4.0 or Factory of the Future. This led to our in-house development of autofocusing calibration SDK designed exclusively for industrial applications. Harnessing this technology opens up countless new possibilities within industrial machine vision, robotics, traffic management, high-end surveillance and logistics.






Reflective surfaces are one of the toughest challenges for vision inspection especially true for high precision measurements. We have developed a system using the principle of deflectometry for this application.

Introducing MUNOS, our solution to measure height data by using 2D vision. Now we can empower your machine automatically pick up items from random locations. Coordinates & measurement data can be used for limitless applications.


Welcome to the world of Artifical Intelligence (AI) for industrial inspections. Our hybrid solution combines AI & traditional machine vision techniques to achieve greater accuracy and resolve applications which were once impossible.

Fringe Projection is using Sofkore MUNOS 3D Stereo Imager .Sofkore is an optical metrology software package developed by talented individuals from computer vision, optical physics and software design fields.