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ZEISS Interlock 2/35

All Interlock® lenses from ZEISS offer extraordinary image quality with high contrast for technical and industrial applications. They feature an improved fixture for focus and aperture as well as a full metal housing for robustness. The lenses impress with their high image quality and precise manual focus. They are available with standard F-Mount and standard M42x1 Mount (45,5 mm Flange Focal Distance) for even more stability.

The ZEISS Interlock family consists of eleven focal lengths range from 15 mm to 135 mm. With additional focal lengths and improved fixations they complete the lenses of the ZEISS Classic family.

 Fast f/2.0 aperture
 Precise manual focusing
 Robust full-metal construction
 Continuous aperture setting or click stop
 For industrial cameras up to sensor sizes of 24×36 mm or 41 mm line sensors
 High optical performance both at infinity and at 1:5.3 scale
 Features special screws to fix focus and aperture settings even in rough situations