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Matrox Imaging Matrox Supersight

Matrox® Supersight is a high-density industrial computing platform capable of accommodating up to four computers in a standard 4U enclosure. Each computer or compute cluster is equipped with an embedded Intel® Core™ processor, and works alone or together with the others to implement distributed computing. A high-speed PCIe® switched fabric backplane ensures efficient communication and data exchange between compute clusters as necessary. The same backplane accepts full-size PCIe expansion cards for a broad range of image acquisition, network interface, processing offload, and acceleration options from Matrox Imaging and third parties. Matrox Supersight vision controllers—Matrox Supersight Solo, Matrox Supersight Duo, and Matrox Supersight Quad—are fully supported by Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X, an established collection of software tools for developing industrial imaging applications; this software development kit (SDK) helps developers deliver a complete solution in a timely manner. Backed by a carefully managed lifecycle and consistent long-term availability, the Matrox Supersight series provides a solid foundation for demanding machine vision applications.