Schneider Kreuznach

With the Xenon-Zirconia lenses, Schneider-Kreuznach offers a very versatile tool for different line scan applications.

This lens family is optimized for pixel size 5 μm for the use with 12k (62.5 mm) line scan sensors but can also be used with 16k (82 mm) lines.

About this series

The maximum aperture of these lenses is considerably larger than in the Xenon-Sapphire lens family which allows to use the lenses under sparse light conditions. Our lenses are designed in a manner that even with fastest F-number, the full resolution, albeit with a Xenon-Zirconia diminished contrast, is attained.

The Xenon-Zirconia lens for the largest magnification of -2x is also available with beam splitter for coupling in illumination. The lenses are broadband coated and can be used in the spectral range of 400-1,000 nm. The V-mount makes them easy to install and rotate into the desired azimuth position.

Xenon-Zirconia lenses can be used in a wide range of applications: PCB inspection, quality control, FPD inspection, Line scan, OLED inspection, web and surface inspections

ModelFocal LengthMagnificationMountDatasheet
Xenon-Zirconia 3.3/9292 mm0.2V48View Details
Xenon-Zirconia 4.0/104104 mm0.33V48View Details
Xenon-Zirconia 3.2/9191 mm0.5V48View Details
Xenon-Zirconia 3.1/9191 mm0.7V48View Details
Xenon-Zirconia 2.8/8989 mm1V48View Details
Xenon-Zirconia 3.2/9292 mm2V48View Details
Xenon-Zirconia 3.2/92 (with beamsplitter)92 mm2V48View Details

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