Xenon Topaz

Schneider Kreuznach


  • High-resolution optics for up to 12 megapixel sensors
  • Broadband coating (400 – 1,000 nm)
  • Optional ruggedized for harsh surroundings
  • Vibration insensitive for stable imaging performance
  • Focus and iris setting lockable



About this series

Xenon-Topaz Series

These compact and lightweight lenses are designed for modern CCD and CMOS sensors up to 12 megapixel resolution and with an image circle diameter of 1.1″ and a pixel size down to 3.0 µm.

The robust mechanical design with lockable iris and focus is resistant to vibrations and guarantees an extremely high and uniform image quality over the entire sensor even under harsh conditions. The broadband coating covers the range from 400 to 1,000 nm (VIS + NIR).

Our Xenon-Topaz lenses are optimized for 1 m to infinity working distance making them perfectly suited for applications like traffic, high-end surveillance, robot vision, 3D-Measurement, food processing, machine vision and other image applications.

High end surveillance
Robot vision
Parcel sorting

ModelFocal LengthApertureMountDatasheet
Xenon Topaz 2.4/6.56.5 mmF/2.4CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/2525 mmf 2.0CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/3030 mmf 2.0CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/30 (Motorized)30 mmf 2.0CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/3838 mmf 2.0CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/38 (Motorized)38 mmf 2.0CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/5050 mmf 2.0CView Details
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/50 (Motorized)50 mmf 2.0CView Details

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