Schneider Kreuznach

These high-resolution, high-speed lenses are optimized for the use of 16k pixel line scan sensors. There are several lens types each optimized for a certain magnification range.

The image circles of up to 62 mm meet the length of currently available 16k CCD/ CMOS lines and will cover at the same time 12k image heights as well.

About this series

The high resolution of these lenses make full use of the sensor‘s pixel size of 3.5 µm and fully exploits all possibilities of the latest sensor generation. As usual they are compact, robust and lockable in distance and apertures.

The 400 to 1,000 nm broadband coating makes it suitable for applications in the visible and the near infrared spectrum. The V-mount makes it easy to install and rotate into the desired azimuth position for a wide range of high resolution applications where existing 12k lenses (with approximately 5 µm pixel sizes) are not sufficient anymore.

ModelFocal LengthApertureMagnificationDatasheet
Xenon-Sapphire 4.5/9595 mmf 4.50.07View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.9/9595 mmf 3.90.23View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.7/9696 mmf 3.70.29View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.5/9696 mmf 3.50.35View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/9696 mmf 3.20.5View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/9797 mmf 3.20.7View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 2.8/9898 mmf 2.80.875View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 2.8/9898 mmf 2.81.143View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/9797 mmf 3.21.43View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/8888 mmf 3.21.75View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/88 (with beamsplitter)88 mmf 3.21.75View Details
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/9696 mmf 3.22.0View Details

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