Xenon-Emerald Lenses

Schneider Kreuznach


  • 43.2 mm image circle
  • for up to 29 MP sensors
  • Robust mechanics for rough industrial environment
  • Constant MTF over the entire image field
  • Focus and iris setting lockable

About this series

Xenon-Emerald Series

The low distortion lenses with an image circle diameter of 43.2 mm are compact, robust, lockable in distance, and aperture. They are designed for close up range (S) and long-range (L) and optimized for uniform image quality over the whole sensor area.

The 400 to 1,000nm broadband coating makes them suitable for applications in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. The variety of alternative mounts makes them even more flexible for a wide range of applications in machine vision, quality control, web inspection, and other image processing applications.


  • Web inspection
  • Quality control
  • Surface inspection
  • Line Scan applications
  • Machine vision
ModelFocal Length (mm)Aperture (F#)MountDatasheet
Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28 S F282.8 - 22FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28 S V48282.8 - 22V48View Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28 L F282.8 - 22FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28 L V48282.8 - 22V48View Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.2/50 S F502.2 - 16FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.2/50 S V48502.2 - 16V48View Details
Xenon-Emerald 4.0/60 F604 - 16FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 4.0/60 V48604 - 16V48View Details
Xenon-Emerald 4.0/80 F804 - 16FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 4.0/80 V48804 - 16V48View Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.9/100 S F1002.9 - 22FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.9/100 S V481002.9 - 22V48View Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.8/100 L F1002.8 - 22FView Details
Xenon-Emerald 2.8/100 L V481002.8 - 22V48View Details

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