Schneider Kreuznach

Schneider-Kreuznach offers a highly sophisticated, new family of line scan lenses, called Xenon-Diamond lenses for large magnifications such as -2.6x or -3.5x.

About this series

They are optimized for highest resolution and very high image quality when used with 12k scan lines with 5 μm pixel size (pitch) which means MTF@72 lp/ mm > 0.40 on the image side for an image size of 62.5 mm.

Actually Xenon-Diamond lenses can also be used for image sizes as large as 82 mm to also cover 16k/ 5 μm-pitch lines. As usual Xenon-Diamond lenses are compact, robust and lockable in distance and apertures. The 400 to 1,000 nm broadband coating makes it suitable for applications in the visible and the near infrared spectrum.

The V-mount makes it easy to install and rotate into the desired azimuth position. For each magnification there are two lens versions: one regular type for use without beam splitter or with pellicle and one for use with a beam splitter prism made of BK 7 and a thickness of 25 mm.

ModelFocal LengthMagnificationMountDatasheet
Xenon-Diamond 2.7/111111 mm2.6V70View Details
Xenon-Diamond 2.9/106 (with beamsplitter)106 mm2.6V70View Details
Xenon-Diamond 2.2/117117 mm3.5V90View Details
Xenon-Diamond 2.3/116 (with beamsplitter)116 mm3.5V90View Details

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