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  • For line scan cameras 12k (62.5 mm length/ pixel sizes approximately 5 μm) and 16k (82 mm length/ pixel sizes approximately 5 μm)
  • Very high optical image quality for large sensors
  • Vibration-insensitive for stable optical performance
  • Lockable distance and aperture settings
  • Industry-compatible V-mount interface
  • Reliability and constant quality due to 100 % quality control

About this series

Xenon-Diamond Series

They are optimized for the highest resolution and very high image quality when used with 12k scan lines with 5 μm pixel size (pitch) which means MTF@72 lp/ mm > 0.40 on the image side for an image size of 62.5 mm.

Actually Xenon-Diamond lenses can also be used for image sizes as large as 82 mm to also cover 16k/ 5 μm-pitch lines. As usual Xenon-Diamond lenses are compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures. The 400 to 1,000 nm broadband coating makes it suitable for applications in the visible and near-infrared spectrum.

The V-mount makes it easy to install and rotate into the desired azimuth position. For each magnification there are two lens versions: one regular type for use without beam splitter or with pellicle and one for use with a beam splitter prism made of BK 7 and a thickness of 25 mm.

Schneider-Kreuznach offers a highly sophisticated, new family of line scan lenses, called Xenon-Diamond lenses for large magnifications such as -2.6x or -3.5x.


  • FPD inspection
  • PCB/ OLED inspection
  • Web and surface inspections
  • Line scan applications
  • Quality control
ModelFocal LengthMagnificationMountDatasheet
Xenon-Diamond 2.7/111111 mm2.6V70View Details
Xenon-Diamond 2.9/106 (with beamsplitter)106 mm2.6V70View Details
Xenon-Diamond 2.2/117117 mm3.5V90View Details
Xenon-Diamond 2.3/116 (with beamsplitter)116 mm3.5V90View Details

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