WD65 High NA telecentric lenses


  • Mega Pixel telecentric lens for 2/3 inch
  • Suitable for 2 Mega Pixel – 5 Mega Pixel camera
  • High contrast with co-axial illumination
  • TV distortion less than 0.01%

About this series

Design for Mega Pixel Compact and high durability.

ModelImage FormatMagnificationWorking DistanceObject Side NAMountDatasheet
FT05-652/3"0.565 mm0.026CView Details
FT08-652/3"0.866 mm0.04CView Details
FT10-652/3"1.065 mm0.045CView Details
FT15-652/3"1.565 mm0.063CView Details
FT20-652/3"2.065 mm0.074CView Details
FT40-652/3"4.065 mm0.11CView Details
FT60-652/3"6.065 mm0.11CView Details
FT05C-652/3"0.565 mm0.026CView Details
FT08C-652/3"0.866 mm0.04CView Details
FT10C-652/3"1.065 mm0.045CView Details
FT15C-652/3"1.565 mm0.063CView Details
FT20C-652/3"2.065 mm0.074CView Details
FT40C-652/3"4.065 mm0.11CView Details
FT60C-652/3"6.065 mm0.11CView Details

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