V38-Line Scan Lenses

Schneider Kreuznach

Wherever complex web and surface inspections are concerned, the line scan image capture method is used in most cases. Due to the principle used, this method requires a very careful choice of camera and an optimally adapted lens in order to achieve maximum system performance.

About this series

The size of the sensor pixels determines the necessary optical imaging performance of the lens. Today’s high-performance lenses must follow the trend toward ever-smaller pixel sizes and increased sensor resolution. This typically results in larger array sizes and therefore considerably higher demands made on the imaging performance or MTF (modulation transfer function) of the lenses.

Makro-Symmar, Micro-Symmar and Apo-Componon lenses are designed for industrial machine vision applications and satisfy even the most stringent requirements of next generation 12k line scan applications. Identification of the best azimuth and application in reverse position means that they can be deployed in a customer-oriented way.

The different lens versions of Makro-Symmar, Micro-Symmar and Apo-Componon cover practically all industrial application areas with the specially defined and optimized imaging areas.

ModelFocal LengthMagnification / ApertureMountDatasheet
Apo-Componon 4.5/9090 mm0.3V38View Details
Makro-Symmar 5.6/120120 mm1V38View Details
Makro-Symmar 5.6/120120 mm0.75V38View Details
Makro-Symmar 5.6/120120 mm0.5V38View Details
Makro-Symmar 5.6/120120 mm0.33V38View Details
Componon 2.8/2828 mmf 2.8V38View Details
Componon 2.8/3535 mmf 2.8V38View Details
Apo-Componon 2.8/4040 mmf 2.8V38View Details
Apo-Componon 2.8/4545 mmf 2.8V38View Details
Componon-S 2.8/5050 mmf 2.8V38View Details
Apo-Componon 4.0/6060 mmf 4.0V38View Details
Componon-S 4.0/8080 mmf 4.0V38View Details
Makro-Symmar 5.6/8080 mmf 5.6V38View Details
Apo-Componon 4.5/9090 mmf 4.5V38View Details
Componon-S 5.6/100100 mmf 5.6V38View Details

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