USB Hybrid Active Optical Cable


About this series

USB 2.0

Designed to surpass 10 million flex cycles in the most extreme conditions, this unique cable continues to transmit high quality USB 2.0 signals through bending, torsion, and pulling, creating the perfect solution for industrial USB applications.

The rugged overmold offers additional strain relief and increases the assembly’s ability to perform with dependability.

The small cable OD allows continued performance and reliability at a tight bend radius.

USB 3.0

USB 3.0 also known as Superspeed USB allows for data transfer rates ten times greater than that of USB 2.0.  These robust cables provide a reliable interconnect from the camera to the computer. The thumbscrew locking feature meets the requirements of the soon to be released USB 3.0 Vision standard and insures a secure robust connection to the camera.  Increased awg sizes allows for better performance over longer distance when compared to smaller awg cables.

USB 3.1

USB 3.1 technology allows for high data rates, but it is quite limited in its effective cable length.  Intercon’s new Hybrid Active Optical (HAO) assembly breaks through the cable length barrier and provides a rugged, high flex solution for those applications where a high flex, long distance solution is needed.

Also unique to our product is the inclusion of a copper conductor to provide power to the device.  Traditional AO cables consist only of glass or plastic fibers.  The Intercon HAO cable is a hybrid that contains both copper and fiber allowing for both power and data transmission over extended distances. In addition, this HAO solution is designed for high flex robotic applications, specifically rolling (C-Track) applications.  It’s unique design utilizes specialized materials developed for the most demanding applications. The thumbscrew locking feature insures a secure robust connection to the device.

Cable SpecificationsUSB 2.0USB 3.0 Static GradeUSB 3.0 InfiniFlexCable SpecificationsUSB 3.1
Overall Diameter.177 Inches.240 Inches.340 InchesOverall Diameter4.8 mm
Max Temperature80 Degrees C60 Degrees C80 Degrees COperating/Storage Temperature0°C to 50°C / -20°C to 70°C
Jacket ColorVioletBlack VioletJacket ColorBlack
UL/CSA RatedYesUL 2725Min. Bend Radius50 mm (Dynamic) | 20mm (Static)
Min. Bend Radius1.77 Inches (Static) | 2.66 Inches (Dynamic)2.4 Inches (Static)3.40 Inches (Static) | 5.10 Inches (Dynamic)Device Side VoltageMax 5 volts
Flame RatingVW-1VW-1-Device Side Current900 mA (05m / 10m /15m) / 600 mA (20m)

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