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The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source “37” and “38 series” industrial cameras are equipped with highly-sensitive, low-noise Sony Pregius global-shutter sensors which deliver outstanding image quality and good NIR sensitivity. The USB3 Vision standard (USB 3.1- Gen. 1), ensures stability and compatibility for easy integration and flexible configuration. Even at high frame rates, “38 Series” cameras deliver distortion-free images and are well-suited for applications such as intelligent traffic systems (ITS), automated optical inspection (AOI) and microscopy.

  • Resolution: VGA to 12 MP
  • label_frame_rate_up_to_120_fps
  • Dimensions: 29 x 44 x 60
  • Sensor: Sony Pregius CMOS Global Shutter
  • Free software for camera control
  • Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10

About this series

37 series – USB 3.1 monochrome industrial cameras

  • Reversible Type-C port connection
  • Sony STARVIS and Pregius CMOS sensors
  • Single-board cameras

38 series – USB 3.1 monochrome industrial cameras

  • Compatible to UVC and USB3 Vision
  • Sony Pregius 9 and 12 megapixel
  • Onboard image pre-processing
Product codeResolution (max)FPS (max)FormatSensorTriggerI/OsSensor TypeShutter
DMK 38UX2674,096×2,160 (8.8 MP) 35 fps1 inchIMX267LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 38UX2554,096×2,160 (8.8 MP)42 fps1 inchIMX255LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 38UX3044,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)26 fps1.1 inchIMX304LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 38UX2534,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)30 fps1.1 inchIMX253LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 38UX2674,096×2,160 (8.8 MP)35 fps1 inchIMX267LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 38UX2554,096×2,160 (8.8 MP)42 fps1 inchIMX255LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 38UX3044,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)26 fps1.1 inchIMX304LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 38UX2534,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)30 fps1.1 inchIMX253LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 37BUX287720×540 (0.4 MP)539 fps1/2.9 inchIMX287LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 37BUX2731,440×1,080 (1.6 MP)238 fps1/2.9 inchIMX273LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 37BUX2901,920×1,080 (2.1 MP)143 fps1/2.8 inchIMX290LLRYESYESCMOS STARVISrolling
DMK 37BUX2652,048×1,536 (3.1 MP)60 fps1/1.8 inchIMX265LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 37BUX2522,048×1,536 (3.1 MP)119 fps1/1.8 inchIMX252LLRYESYESCMOS Pregius global
DMK 37BUX2642,448×2,048 (5 MP)38 fps2/3 inchIMX264LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 37BUX2502,448×2,048 (5 MP)75 fps2/3 inchIMX250LLRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DMK 37BUX1783,072×2,048 (6.3 MP)60 fps1/1.8 inchIMX178LLJYESYESCMOS STARVISrolling
DFK 37BUX287720×540 (0.4 MP)539 fps1/2.9 inchIMX287LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 37BUX2731,440×1,080 (1.6 MP)238 fps1/2.9 inchIMX273LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 37BUX2901,920×1,080 (2.1 MP)143 fps1/2.8 inchIMX290LQRYESYESCMOS STARVISrolling
DFK 37BUX2652,048×1,536 (3.1 MP)60 fps1/1.8 inchIMX265LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 37BUX2522,048×1,536 (3.1 MP)119 fps1/1.8 inchIMX252LQRYESYESCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 37BUX2642,448×2,048 (5 MP)38 fps2/3 inchIMX264LQRYESYES CMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 37BUX2502,448×2,048 (5 MP)75 fps2/3 inchIMX250LQRYESYESCMOS Pregius global
DFK 37BUX1783,072×2,048 (6.3 MP)60 fps 1/1.8 inchIMX178LQJYESYESCMOS STARVISrolling

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