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The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source One4all series of CMOS monochrome cameras is the perfect solution for many industrial automation, quality assurance, security, surveillance and scientific applications. Using Aptina CMOS technology, our USB 2.0 industrial monochrome cameras feature binning, windowing and high-speed readout with reduced image noise levels and wide dynamic range. An unbeatable price point and reliability are key characteristics of The Imaging Source One4all CMOS cameras. USB 2.0 CCD monochrome cameras are shipped with sensitive Sony CCD sensors and are available in a variety of resolutions and speeds which deliver exceptional image quality. Both CMOS and CCD cameras feature a compact, robust design which allows them to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.


About this series

  • Resolution: VGA to 5 MP
  • Frame rate: Up to 76 fps
  • Dimensions: Starting at 36 x 36 x 25 mm
  • Wide range of monochrome CMOS and CCD sensors
  • Free software for camera control
  • Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10
Product codeResolution (max)FPS (max)FormatSensorTriggerI/OsSensor Type Shutter
DMK 22BUC03744×480 (0.4 MP) Y80076 fps1/3 inchMT9V024YESYESCMOS global
DMK 22AUC03744×480 (0.4 MP) Y80076 fps1/3 inchMT9V024NONO CMOS global
DMK 42BUC031,280×960 (1.2 MP) Y800 @ 25 fps 1,280×960 (1.2 MP) RGB24 @ 25 fps1/3 inchMT9M021YESYES CMOS global
DMK 42AUC031,280×960 (1.2 MP) Y800 @ 25 fps 1,280×960 (1.2 MP) RGB24 @ 25 fps 1/3 inchMT9M021NONO CMOS global
DMK 72AUC022,592×1,944 (5 MP) Y800 @ 6 fps1/2.5 inchMT9P031NONO CMOS rolling
DMK 72BUC022,592×1,944 (5 MP) Y800 @ 6 fps1/2.5 inchMT9P031YESYES CMOS rolling
DMK 21AU04640×480 (0.3 MP) Y800 @ 60 fps1/4 inchICX098BLNONO CCD global
DMK 21BU04.H640×480 (0.3 MP) Y800 @ 60 fps1/4 inchICX098BLYESYESCCD global
DMK 21BU618640×480 (0.3 MP) Y800 @ 60 fps1/4 inchICX618ALAYESNO CCD global
DMK 21BU618.H640×480 (0.3 MP) Y800 @ 60 fps1/4 inchICX618ALAYESYESCCD global
DMK 21AU618640×480 (0.3 MP) Y800 @ 60 fps1/4 inchICX618ALANONOCCD global
DMK 21BU04640×480 (0.3 MP) Y800 @ 60 fps1/4 inchICX098BLYESNO CCD global
DMK 31BU031,024×768 (0.8 MP) Y800 @ 30 fps1/3 inchICX204ALYESNO CCDglobal
DMK 31AU031,024×768 (0.8 MP) Y800 @ 30 fps1/3 inchICX204ALNONOCCD global
DMK 31BU03.H1,024×768 (0.8 MP) Y800 @ 30 fps1/3 inchICX204ALYESYES CCD global
DMK 41BU02.H1,280×960 (1.2 MP) Y800 @ 15 fps1/2 inchICX205ALYESYES CCD global
DMK 41AU021,280×960 (1.2 MP) Y800 @ 15 fps 1/2 inchICX205ALNONO CCD global
DMK 41BU02 1,280×960 (1.2 MP) Y800 @ 15 fps1/2 inchICX205ALYESNO CCD global

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