Triniti Series


TR Series LED Strobe Controllers

Key features:

  • 1, 2 and 4 channel LED lighting controllers
  • Compatible with triniti Intelligent Lighting platform
  • GigE Vision compliant
  • Pulsing up to 20A
  • Continuous output to 3.0A
  • 30W maximum output per channel
  • Pulse timing to 20µs
  • Ethernet and Push-button interfaces (dependent on model)

Triniti application benefits

  • Enables non-expert users to use expert Machine Vision lighting techniques
  • Revolutionises the integration of lighting parameters right through to application level software
  • Addresses the industry’s need for a flexible system that is readily ‘plug & play’
  • Provides a stability of brightness, long-term, that helps to enhance the reliability of Vision systems, over many years


About this series

Triniti LED Controllers

Gardasoft TR Series LED Controllers are a core component of a trinitiIntelligent Lighting system. triniti is a new enabling technology from Gardasoft, which provides expert control, operational intelligence and full integration of Machine Vision lighting – all within a ‘plug & play’ environment.

With triniti, Machine Vision systems with LED lighting are now much easier to create, configure and commission, while at the same time offering increased functionality.

ModelNo. of ChannelsContinuous (A)Pulsed (A)Resolution (mA)Minimum Pulse Width TimingLED Safety FeatureOther FeaturesInterfacing
TR-RC12011.221.5100SafeSense™Plug & PlayGigE, P-Button
TR-RC12211.25101.5100SafeSense™Plug & PlayGigE, P-Button, Ethernet
TR-RT220-202320520SafeSense™Plug & PlayGigE, Ethernet
TR-RT420-204320520SafeSense™Plug & PlayGigE, Ethernet

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