Telecentric lenses


  • High resolution, compatible with Mega Pixel camera
  • Compact design, suitable for small device
  • MGTL05-1.1 is compatible with 1.1 inch
  • MGTL0275 is compatible with φ 12.8mm sensor
  • Adjustable iris, possible to adjust depth of field
  • TV distortion less than 0.05%

About this series

Suitable for Mega Pixel Sensor.

ModelImage FormatMagnificationWorking DistanceMountDatasheet
MGTL0141/2"0.14108 mmCView Details
MGTL0192/3"0.19108 mmCView Details
MGTL0232/3"0.23111 mmCView Details
MGTL02752/3"0.275110 mmCView Details
MGTL032/3"0.3110 mmCView Details
MGTL042/3"0.4110 mmCView Details
MGTL05-1.11.1"0.5108 mmCView Details

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