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LED Structured Light Pattern Projectors
Smart Vision Lights is pleased to release a new series of LED structured light projectors. LED projector uses patterns and optics to provide a focused structured light. SP pattern projectors integrate precisely etched masks


About this series

Any kind of pattern shape can be easily supplied, integrated and projected. The size of the projection area can be easily modified by interchanging the projection optics. Projectors integrate standard C-mount 2/3” lenses. Telecentric lenses can also be used for telecentric pattern projection.

SXP80Bui l t - in Mul t i -DriveTM al lows the l ight to work in continuous operation or OverDriveTM strobe mode
SXP30Prox Spot LightView Details
ODSXP30Prox Spot Light (Overdrive)View Details

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