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Smart Vision Lights SXA30 Adjustable Prox Light

The SXA30 Prox Light Series spot lights featuring an adjustable-length lens, allowing users to select the correct spot size needed for the specific application without having to adjust the position of the whole light. Equipped with convenient mounting options, the SXA30 also offers a completely homogeneous light pattern at any working distance for a defined and even projected spot. The SXA30 Prox Light includes an NPN and PNP trigger signal input with a 1-10VDC analog signal line for added versatility. The SXA30 Prox Light has multiple mounting options allowing for ease of install and comes with two mounting nuts.

Product Details
Illumination Type Bright Field, Projector
IP Rating IP50
Min Working Distance 500 mm
Max Working Distance 4000 mm
Mode Continuous
Wavelength WHI - White / 365 - UV / 395 - UV / 470 - Blue / 505 - Cyan / 530 - Green / 625 - Red / 850 - IR / 940 - IR