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Smart Vision Lights DoAll all-in-one light kit

The patented DoAll is an all-in-one solution unprecedented in its flexibility for machine vision lighting applications and automatic inspection. The DoAll combines 6 machine vision lights into one easy-to- use multifunctional product; with each DoAll you get a dome light, a low angle dark field ring light, a mid angle dark field ring light, an RGBW ring light, a four quadrant ring light, and a NIR ring light.

Limitless combinations

Use the lights in conjunction with each other to create a variety of multimodal illumination effects. For example, you can combine the dome light and a dark field light to increase contrast of surface features, or you can combine visible light with NIR for multispectral applications.

Ideal for automated inspections

From large scale automotive assembly to smaller electronic assembly and everything in between, the DoAll excels at performing multiple inspections where the ideal lighting varies by each inspection type. With its small footprint and integrated camera mount, the DoAll is the perfect fit for the compact spaces of robotic workcells.

One light to do it all

Manage multiple inspections with one light. The DoAll combines 6 machine vision lights into one easy-to-use multifunctional product, offering almost infinite lighting combinations. For any surface, with any finish, at any angle, the DoAll provides the right light for your automated inspection.

Product Advantages

  • Combines a dome light, low and mid angle dark field ring light, RGBW ring light, four quadrant right light, and NIR ring light into one package
  • Advanced controller system capable of saving various sequences and jobs
  • Mounting brackets capable of mounting the light directly to a robot arm
  • Compact, integrated package made of robust aluminum
  • Unique light capable of handling any inspection
Product Details
Mode Multi-Drive™
Wavelength WHI - White / 470 - Blue / 560 - Green / 625 - Red / 850 - IR
Illumination Type Bright Field / Dark Field / Direct Lighting / Dome "Light Tent"