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Smart Vision Lights ODLHF300 OverDrive™ Fluorescent Replacement

Part of the Direct Connect series linear lights, which offers integrated light-to-light connectors, eliminating the need for cable connectors to string lights together. This light operates in OverDrive strobe mode. The ODLHF300 series was designed as a direct LED replacement for standard fluorescent lighting. The ODLHF300 array uses 30 high-intensity LEDs and features a diffuse lens cover designed to disperse the light in the same fashion as a fluorescent light of equivalent length. Use NPN or PNP trigger signal to control the light’s pulse.

Product Details
Illumination Type Bright Field, Dark Field, Direct Lighting
IP Rating IP50
Min Working Distance 150 mm
Max Working Distance 2000 mm
Mode OverDrive™
Wavelength WHI- White / 470 - Blue / 625 - Red / 850 - IR