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Smart Vision Lights LZE300 Direct Connect Linear Light with Zones

he LZE300, a SmartVisionLink enabled linear light, has similar features and functions as the LXE300, with the addition of communication with a SmartVisionLink managing device, such as the BTM-1000. When the LZE300 is connected to the BTM-1000, its intensity can be fully controlled, either for the entire light or for each of the three LED zones. Individual zones may also be turned off. The standard LZE300 has a 12 LED configuration.

The LZE300 is available in three different connector options:

  • Direct Connect – This is the default option which allows connecting lights together with no additional cables. Lights are directly connected together, with no space between the lights. Up to six LZE300 lights can be directly connected together.
  • Daisy-Chain – The Daisy-Chain option allows for a locking 5PM-12 Jumper Cable to be used when connecting LZE300 lights together. Lights are able to be spaced apart from each other. Up to six LZE300 lights can be Daisy-Chained together.
  • Plug – If multiple units are not going to be used, a plug termination can be ordered.

The LZE300 also comes with NanoDrive technology, which enables a faster “on” and “off” compared to other technology.

Product Details
Illumination Type Bright Field, Dark Field
IP Rating IP65
Min Working Distance 300 mm
Max Working Distance 4000 mm
Mode NanoDrive™
Wavelength WHI - White / 365 - UV / 395 - UV / 470 - Blue / 505 - Cyan / 530 - Green / 625 - Red / 850 - IR / 940 - IR
Lens Configuration Line - 10° width, 50° fan angle / Narrow - 10° / Wide - 25°
Linear Polarizer None / Factory Installed
Connector Daisy Chain / Direct Connect / Plug