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Smart Vision Lights LCZE300 Linear Light

The LCZE300 is a SmartVisionLink™-enabled linear light. With the addition of the BTM-1000 Bluetooth module, the LCZE300 can be wirelessly adjusted for intensity levels. The LCZE300 can be connected in a series of up to six lights, either through direct-connect or daisy-chain, to create a total of 6 independently controllable lighting zones.

Product Highlights

  • Connect up to six LCZE300 linear lights
  • SmartVisionLink™-enabled provides easy intensity adjustment in both continuous and OverDrive™ modes
  • Industrial aluminum housing
Product Details
Illumination Type Bright Field, Dark Field, Direct Lighting
IP Rating IP65
Max Working Distance 2000 mm
Min Working Distance 300 mm
Mode Multi-Drive™
SmartVisionLink Compatible
Wavelength WHI- White / 470 - Blue / 530 - Green / 625 - Red / 850 - IR
Lens Configuration Line - 10° width, 50° fan angle / Narrow - 10° / Wide - 25°
Linear Polarizer None / Factory Installed
Connector Daisy Chain / Direct Connect / Plug