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Smart Vision Lights DFLW-200-4Z (KIT) Dark Field Washdown Ring Light with Zones

The DFLW-200-4Z Dark Field Washdown Ring Light is IP68 rated and comes in an anodized black aluminum housing. The DFLW-200-4Z has four zones, making it a quadrant light in which each individual zone can be controlled independently of each other. The 4ZMD is an external driver that permits control of up to four separate light zones either independently or simultaneously, in any combination. The 4ZMD has independent intensity controls and built-in Multi-Drive, allowing a range to be set from 10%-100% for continuous operation or OverDrive strobe mode. The DFLW-200-4Z (KIT) includes a DFLW-200-4Z, a 4ZMD-750 external driver and a 5PM12-J2000-KR jumper cable (2000 mm in length).


Product Details
Illumination Type Dark Field
IP Rating IP50
Min Working Distance 20 mm
Max Working Distance 75 mm
Mode Multi-Drive™
Wavelength WHI- White / 470 - Blue / 530 - Green / 625 - Red