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Smart Vision Lights 4ZMD Zones External Multi-Drive™

The 4ZMD is an external driver with four individual built-in channels, allowing control of up to four zones within a single light or four individual lights with no built-in drivers. Users can set different intensity levels for each zone channel because they act independently of each other. Also, depending on the channel’s configuration, intensity controls can adjust the intensity for either continuous operation or OverDrive strobe mode.

When connected to the LED Light Manager (LLM), each individual channel can be set to continuous operation, off, any intensity level in between, and even OverDrive strobe mode.

Product Advantages

  • Four individual channels that can be controlled independently of one another
  • Works with LED Light Manager (LLM)
  • 5-pin M12 quick connect (reverse key)
  • Built-in Multi-DriveTM allows light to work in continuous operation or OverDriveTM strobe mode
  • Separate control for each channel to control intensity for either continuous operation or OverDriveTM strobe mode
Product Details
Output Current 100 mA / 250 mA / 750 mA