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SVS Vistek

SVS vistek camera

About this series

Cameras from SVS VISTEK provide you with more than just state-of-the-art technology:

Efficient, streamlined and customer oriented processes in production, administration and service ensure punctual delivery, highest quality standards and ease of integration of our cameras. The company headquarters in Seefeld, Germany. Today SVS VISTEK is one of the most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras with an international presence.

Model[MP]Resolution [pixel]SensorSensor SizeFrame Rate [fps]ChromaMountInterfaceDatasheet
shr461MCX101.811648 x 8742IMX461LLA / Sony55mm (Type 3.4)8.7monoM72 X 0.75CXP-6 4 LanesView Details
shr411MCX15114192 x 10640IMX411ALR / SonyMedium Format6.1monoM72X0.75CXP-6 4 LanesView Details
hr455MXGE619568 x 6380IMX455LLA / Sony43.3mm (Type 2.7)17.9monoM58X0.7510GigEView Details

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