RadientPro CL

Matrox Imaging

RadientPro CL Vision Processor

  • Capture images at the highest Camera Link rates with support for the Full and 80-bit modes at up to 85MHz (single-Full model).

  • Eliminate lost pixels through a PCIe® 2.0 x8 host interface and ample on-board buffering.

  • Reduce cabling and eliminate power supplies by way of Power over Camera Link (PoCL) support.

  • Offload and accelerate image processing to free and assist the host CPU using an Altera® Stratix® V FPGA.

  • Simplify the development of custom on-board image processing using the optional Matrox FPGA Development Kit (FDK).

  • Reduce development and validation costs through a managed lifecycle offering consistent long term availability.

  • Implement image capture with ease and confidence using Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) application development toolkit.

  • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10, Linux®1 and RTX641 (RTOS) support.


About this series

Camera Link frame grabber with FPGA-based image processing capabilities and Matrox FPGA Development Kit provide efficient solution for demanding machine vision applications

The Matrox RadientPro CL is a vision processor board supporting the highest Camera Link® acquisition rates with FPGA-based processing offload capabilities customizable by Matrox or using the optional Matrox FPGA Development Kit (FDK).


InterfaceInterconnectAcquisition rateMemoryBit depth
Camera LinkPCIe® 2.0 x8 host bus interface 20 to 85 MHz Camera Link clock2 GB of DDR3-1600 SDRAMInput formats - Mono/Bayer 8-bit and 16-bit - BGR packed 24-bit and 48-bit • Output formats - Mono 8-bit and 16-bit - 24-bit BGR/RGB packed - 32/48-bit BGRa/RGBa - YUV 16-bit - YCrCb

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