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The R3 frame grabber family has been designed to simplify the task of interfacing with today’s Camera Link cameras to a wide array of imaging applications. The R3-CL can acquire from almost every Base CL camera manufactured. Combining the power of a proven, sophisticated acquisition/DMA engine with a flexible camera interface and control architecture, the R3-CL is our most affordable Camera Link interface and is an excellent choice for end-users, system integrators, and OEMs.

The R3-CL is the second generation of BitFlow frame grabbers that uses our FlowThru technology. The principle here is to do away with the frame buffer that traditional frame grabbers are built around and instead optimize the data path so that the images flow through the board and into the host’s memory with no latency and zero CPU usage. The only on-board storage is a FIFO to handle the asynchronous nature of the PCI bus. Finally, the entire system is interrupt based, so modern, multi-threaded, applications need not waste processing resources on controlling acquisition.v


Camera Link Interface

The R3-CL features a single Camera Link camera interface configuration. The R3-CL can acquire from any base camera, which allows for up to 24 bit pixels in single tap mode, or 12-bit pixels in two tap mode.


The flexibility of the R3-CL product allows it to be used in virtually any imaging application that requires a Camera Link camera and utilizes the power, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the desktop computer for processing.

R3-PCI-CL13R3 universal PCI Base Camera Link / 1 tap cameras up to 24 bits

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