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Percipio TM/TL Time of Flight (ToF) Series

-Outdoor RGB-D and indoor applications
-Frame rates up to 30 FPS
-Single/multi camera use capabilities
-Simple setup
-GigE interface
-Easily integrates with Win/Linux/Android/ROS SDKs
-Low power consumption

3D people counting for public settings, including supermarkets, elevators, and transport



Model Max Frame Rate Working Distance FOV (H/V) Z-axis Accuracy XY-axis Accuracy Depth Resolution RGB Resolution Data Interface Power IP Grade Size Weight
TL460-S1-E1 30 fps 0.3-9.5m 62°/49° ±4+0.25% of depth / 640*480 1920*1080 M12 A-Code 13.6W(AVG) 29.68W(MAX) IP67 140mm*94mm*70 mm 1.1kg
TM460-E2 30 fps 0.1m-4.1m 65°/50° ±6+ 1% of depth (depth<2500) / 640*480 1920*1080 RJ45 1.5~3.2W IP40 87.4mm*51.5mm*38mm 257g
TM461-E2 30 fps 0.1m-10m 65°/50° ±5+1% of depth [400, 2200]; / 640*480 1920*1080 RJ45 2.0~3.2W IP50 96.4 mm*67.5 mm*35.8 mm 315g