PA15KCL-18KC – PA Series


About this series

Line Scan Camera PA Series – PA15KCL-18KC

Main characteristics

◎ High resolution (up to 15,424 pixel horizontal resolution sensor)

◎ Up to 18kHz line frequency

◎Camera side flat field correction、Fixed mode noise correction、Photoelectric response inconsistency correction

◎ Auto white balance

◎ Camera Link standard interface (Base/Medium/Full, 8/10bit specification)

◎ GUI-based IKTool camera configuration management tool

◎ Internal trigger, external trigger optional

◎ Single power supply: 12 VDC (±10%)

Application field

◎ Printing inspection

◎ High-resolution document scanning

◎ Display tablet check

◎ Printed circuit board inspection

◎ High quality raw material surface inspection

◎ High quality food and drug inspection

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