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Neurocle Neuro-X

Various hyperparameter tuning

You can freely optimize models however you want by adjusting various parameters regarding the data and the overall model. Through easy GUI-based parameter searching, apply deep learning to any field of research. 


Higher utilization of deep learning, regardless of expertise

Hardware/software configuration and coding skills are no longer necessary for deep learning. Align your team to the highest skill level with the intuitive GUI that allows researchers to focus on model training.


The work of 3 experts in 1 software

It usually takes a team of three: a data manager, a labeler, and a model engineer. Minimize your team by managing all your tasks. One operator can fulfill the role of a three person team with Neuro-X.



Type Number of Accounts Number of GPUs
Basic 1 1
Standard 3 2
Team 5 4
Enterprise 10 8