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Myutron Telecentric Lens – TL Series (WD300 Telecentric Lens)


  • Suitable for applications required for long WD
  • Long WD, over 300mm
  • TL10C-310 is compatible with 2/3”
  • TV distortion is less than 0.00%


Model Magnification F No. Object side NA WD OI Depth of field Resolution TV distortion Maximum Compatible sensor


TL07C-340 0.7x 11.6 0.03 340.5mm 505mm 1.9mm 11.2μ 0.00% 1/1.8” C
TL10C-310 1.0x 15.5 0.032 310.5mm 504.2mm 1.2mm 10.5μ 0.00% 2/3” C