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Myutron Telecentric Lens – MGTL Series


  • Suitable for 25 Mega Pixel and 12 Mega Pixel
  • Designed for long working distance, 200mm that can secure enough space to set up
  • Adjustable iris, possible to adjust depth of field and contrast
  • Possible to capture wide view with large format, high resolution camera
  • Flange adapter is available


Model Magnification F No. Object side NA WD OI Depth of field Resolution TV distortion Image Circle Mount
MGTL012V 0.12x 6.0 0.010 202mm 451.9mm 33mm 34μ 0.03% φ16 mm C
MGTL015V 0.15x 6.0 0.013 202mm 406.7mm 21mm 27μ 0.01% φ16mm C
MGTL02V 0.2x 6.0 0.017 202mm 399.7mm 12mm 20μ 0.00% φ16 mm C
MGTL0132V 0.132x 6.0 0.011 202mm 457.4mm 27.6mm 31μ 0.03% φ18.1 mm C
MGTL0164V 0.164x 6.0 0.014 202mm 411.3mm 18mm 25μ 0.00% φ18.1 mm C
MGTL022V 0.22x 6.0 0.018 202mm 406.7mm 9.9mm 18μ 0.00% φ18.1mm C