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Myutron Telecentric Lens – LSTL Series


  • Reduces the focus difference due to wavelength
  • LSTL078TW-F is suitable for visible – NIR
  • Adjustable iris, possible to adjust depth of field
Product Model Magnification F No. Object side NA WD OI Depth of field Resolution TV distortion Image Circle Mount
LSTL022T-F 0.22x 6.0 0.018 202mm 480.8mm 9.9mm 18.3μ 0.02% φ29mm F/M42
LSTL0275T-F 0.275x 6.0 0.023 202mm 449.7mm 6.4mm 14.7μ -0.01% φ29 mm F/M42
LSTL0366T-F 0.366x 6.0 0.031 202mm 449.6mm 3.6mm 11μ 0.00% φ29 mm F/M42
LSTL03TW-F 0.3x 9.7 0.015 148.1mm 419.2mm 8.6mm 22.4μ 0.01% φ28.2mm F
LSTL055TW-F 0.55x 5.17 0.053 161.0mm 399.6mm 1.37mm 6.33μ 0.021% φ30.8 mm F
LSTL078TW-F 0.78x 9.8 0.04 125.3mm 352.8mm 1.3mm 8.4μ 0.00% φ28.2mm F