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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – XLS Series (Large Area Sensor Lens for Image Circle)


  • Suitable for Line Sensor Camera such as 16K x 5um, 23K x 3.5um, 16K x 5um
  • Suitable for large Area Sensor Camera of high resolution such as 65 Mega Pixel, 50 Mega pixel, and 25 Mega Pixel
  • Reduce color aberration, suitable for 3 line sensor
  • Excellent uniformity of brightness and resolution
  • Possible to adjust ±0.05x from the original magnification by using the optional mount
  • F, M95, M90, M84.5 and M72 mount are available
Product Model Magnification ∞FNO F No. WD OI Maximum Compatible sensor
XLS03 0.3x 4.7 6.0 477mm 666mm φ90mm
XLS05 0.5x 4.7 7.0 324mm 540mm φ90mm
XLS075 0.75x 4.7 8.1 246mm 491mm φ90mm
XLS10 1.0x 4.7 9.0 197mm 465mm φ90mm
XLS14 1.4x 4.7 11.4 170mm 494mm φ90mm
XLS20 2.0x 4.7 14.5 146mm 540mm φ90mm