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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – UL Series


  • Suitable for Area Sensor Camera 151 Mega Pixel-3.76μm, 127 Mega Pixel-3.45um, 120 Mega Pixel-2.2μm,and Line Sensor Camera 16K x3.5μm
  • Super high resolution, Low distortion, excellent uniformity of brightness and resolution
  • Low color aberration, compatible 3-line camera
  • F and M72 mount are available
Product Model:
Product Model Magnification F No. Object Side NA WD  OI Optical Distortion Image Circle Mount
UL035 0.35x 5.8 0.030 366.5mm 556.9mm -0.01% φ67mm F, M72
UL05 0.5x 6.0 0.042 270.4mm 475.2mm 0.01% φ67mm F, M72
UL07 0.7x 3.5 / (6.0) 0.058 203.6mm 418mm 0.01% φ67mm F, M72
UL10 1.0x 6.0 0.083 132.1mm 398.4mm 0.00% φ67mm F, M72