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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – MS Series


  • Suitable for large format, 31 Mega Pixel – 3.45μm and Line Sensor Camera , 8K x 3.5μm
  • Adopt screw mount, stable mount mechanism without rattling
  • Achieve low distortion and wide angle for large format, φ30.7mm
  • Stable performance at different working distance by floating design
  • M48, M42 and M35 mount are available
Product Model Focal Length ∞F NO. WD Magnification at MOD TV distortion Max. Compatible Sensor Mount
MS1828-□ 18mm 2.8 97mm~∞ 0.15x 0.52% Φ30.7mm M42,TFL-Ⅱ,TFL
MS2524-□ 25mm 2.4 118mm~∞ 0.2x -0.27% Φ30.7mm M42,TFL-Ⅱ,TFL
MS3520-□ 35mm 2.0 93mm~∞ 0.39x -0.11% Φ30.7mm M42,TFL-Ⅱ,TFL