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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – LSF Series (Long Focal High Resolution Lens for φ48mm)


  • Long focal distance, f105mm and f200mm
  • Suitable for 65 Mega Pixel, 50 Mega Pixel, and 31 Mega Pixel
  • Possible to use for small pixel size, 3.2μm
  • Magnification at MOD 0.3x
  • Stable performance at different WD by floating design
  • F, M58, and M42 mount are available
Product Model Magnification ∞ F No. Focal Length WD TV distortion Maximum Compatible sensor Mount
LSF10528-F 0.3x 2.8 105mm 0.10% 0.10% φ48mm F
LSF20035-F 0.3x 3.5 200mm 0.14% 0.14% φ48mm F