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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – LSF Series (High Resolution and Wide View Lens for Area and Line Sensor Camera)


  • Design for high resolution and low distortion, stable performance at whole working distance
  • Suitable for Large Area Sensor Camera such as 25 Mega Pixel and 20 Mega Pixel
  • Possible to use for small pixel size, 3.5μm
  • Very low color aberration, compatible with 3-line camera
  • 「LSF5028-F」 is possible to use at 0.3x without extension ring
  • F, M58, M48 and M42 mount are available


Product Model Focal Length ∞ F No. Range of WD Magnification at MOD Optical distortion Maximum Compatible sensor Mount
LSF2528-F 25mm 2.8 142mm~∞ 0.15x 0.66% φ44mm F
LSF3528-F 35mm 2.8 223mm~∞ 0.15x -0.31% φ44mm F
LSF5028-F 50mm 2.8 178mm 0.3x -0.40% φ44mm F