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Myutron Line Sensor Lens – FV-L Series


  • Adjustable focus and iris
  • Design for macro imaging
  • Suitable for inspection of wafer, PCB, electronic parts, etc…, required for high resolution at short working distance
  • FV8528L is compatible with M72 mount
  • Compatible with large image format of high resolution area camera
Product Model Magnification ∞ F No. Range of WD Magnification at MOD Optical distortion Maximum Compatible sensor Mount
FV3526L-C 35mm 2.6 0.18m〜∞ 0.2x -0.05% 4/3″ (φ22.6mm) C
FV3526L-F 35mm 2.6 0.18m〜∞ 0.2x -0.42% φ36mm F
FV5026L-C 50mm 2.6 0.25m〜 1m 0.22x -0.01% 4/3″ (φ22.6mm) C
FV5026L-F 50mm 2.6 0.25m〜 1m 0.22x -0.24% φ45mm F
FV5026LⅡ-F 50mm 2.6 0.17m〜0.35m 0.32x -0.80% φ45mm F
FV8528L-□ 85mm 2.8 0.25m〜 1m 0.4x -0.18% φ62mm F or M72