Micro Scale 3D


About this series

MicroZ – Small FOV 3D Enable 100% 3D Inspection

MicroZ ensures 100% coverage and hence 100% reliable inspection by:

  • Focus resistant multi-phase pattern projection
  • Shadow avoidance by multi-view imaging
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio due to HDR
  • Ability to image diffuse, shiny and transparent objects
  • Optimized software SDK for inline inspection

Sensor Field of view (FOV)100mm x 75mm
Camera Resolution12 Mega Pixel
Camera Connection to PCGigabit Ethernet
2D Pixel size (XY Resolution)25 μm
3D Pixel size (Z Resolution)20 μm
3D Range20 mm
3D acquisition time8 seconds
Operating SystemWindows 10
PC RequirementsIntel i5 or better with at least 8GB RAM

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