ME5 ironman

Silicon Software

  • Intelligent image acquisition and programmable image processing frame grabber

  • Silicon Software data transfer technology DMA3600 with 3.600 MB/s data bandwidth

  • Image acquisition memory from 512 to 1024 MByte DDR3-RAM

  • PCI Express x8 (Gen2) Technology

  • Signal communication and programming of on-board trigger

  • Power supply of cameras by power-over technology

  • Device driver support for Windows and Linux for 32bit and 64bit

About this series

Silicon Software offers with its ironman frame grabbers a product series of most powerful image acquisition and image processing boards for the most important digital interfaces in Machine Vision. ironman frame grabbers are characterized by its high computing resources even for sophisticated applications and solutions.

Product NameMatch CodeArticle No.CategoryDatasheet
microEnable 5 AQ8-CXP6D ironmanmE5-AQ8CXP6D150203A-Series (image acquisition board)View Details
microEnable 5 VQ8-CXP6D ironmanmE5-VQ8CXP6D150223V-Series (image acquisition board)View Details
microEnable 5 AD8-PoCL ironmanmE5-AD8PCL150301A-Series (image acquisition board)View Details
microEnable 5 VD8-PoCL ironmanmE5-VD8PCL150321V-Series (image acquisition board)View Details

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