Macro Scale 3D


About this series

MacroZ – Large FOV 3D Enable 100% 3D Inspection

MacroZ ensures 100% coverage and hence 100% reliable inspection by:

  • Focus resistant multi-phase pattern projection
  • Shadow avoidance by multi-view imaging
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio due to HDR
  • Ability to image diffuse, shiny and dark objects
  • Optimized software SDK for inline inspection

Key Features

MacroZ is targeted at FOVs from 1 to 9 sq m:

  • Sub mm resolution for large FOV
  • Low-cost, efficient, scalable, multipurpose
  • Suitable for Industrial Inspection, Reverse Engineering and Bin Picking
  • Optimized software SDK for inline inspection
  • 3D calibration, visualization and data processing tools
  • Integrates with any LCD or DLP projector for full flexibility for custom solutions
  • Supports USB3 and GigE cameras

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