Macro Imaging Module

Opto GmbH

Machine vision sensorsOpto equip complete laboratory stations with measurement, instruction, documentation and analysis functions.

For bio applications offer plug & play imaging modules or digital microscopes .

Opto can extract the required drivers and plugins from own Opto Software frame work .

  • Designed for the digital support of assembly work
  • Unique opto-design / own production
  • ‘3D Time-of-Flight’ Imaging Module
  • ‘Pick to Light’ scanner solutions
  • 2D imaging modules with high resolution
  • Complete software interface and analysis

About this series

Macro Machine Vision Imaging Module

Opto’s ‘ Macro Machine Vision ‘ imaging modules map a FoV (Field of View) that is larger than 20mmx20mm. Which have reduced the offer to selected modules where can offer significant added value .

Black Line Imaging ModuleOpto “Black Line” imaging modules are designed in such a way that can fit perfectly for standard tasks in industrial image processing.

These include megapixel or telecentric modules, where the lens is larger than the module itself.

Solino plug & play sensors

With own solino technology, we are able to detect all anomalies in a product with simple image acquisition modules. Opto support in implementing solino in the solution to act as a tool for AI quality control.

Imaging ModulesFoV (mm)WD (mm)Resolution (mm)LightImageFrame-rateInterfaceSensorOrder Number
Linea S55 x 4130012,5normonochrome243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610002UBE
Linea S55 x 4130012,5norcolor243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610002UCE
Linea S89 x 673008normonochrome243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610001UBE
Linea M89 x 673008norcolor243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610001UCE
Linea S95 x 715007normonochrome243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610003UBE
Linea S95 x 715007norcolor243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610003UCE
Linea S151 x 1135005nonmonochrome243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610001UBE
Linea S151 x 1135005noncolor243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL-0610001UCE
Linea S195 x 14610004nonmonochrome243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL -0600003UBE
Linea S195 x 14610004noncolor243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL -0600003UCE
Linea S307 x 23010002,5nonmonochrome243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL -0600002UBE
Linea S307 x 23010002,5noncolor243USB 3.01.6 MP | IMX273IL -0600002UCE
Linea M7,1 x 5,387147nonmonochrome55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL-1451001UBE
Linea M7,1 x 5,387-noncolor55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL-1451001UCE
Linea M8,5 x 7,187147nonmonochrome36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL-1452001UBE
Linea M8,5 x 7,187-noncolor36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL-1452001UCE
Linea M9,5 x 7,199110nonmonochrome55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL-1431001UBE
Linea M9,5 x 7,199-noncolor55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL-1431001UCE
Linea M11,3 x 9,499110nonmonochrome36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL-1432001UBE
Linea M11,3 x 9,499-noncolor36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL-1432001UCE
Linea M14,2 x 10,713271nonmonochrome55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL-1531001UBE
Linea M14,2 x 10,7132-noncolor55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL-1531001UCE
Linea M16,9 x 14,113271nonmonochrome36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL-1532001UBE
Linea M16,9 x 14,1132-noncolor36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL-1532001UCE
Linea M23,7 x 17,820245nonmonochrome55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL -1621001UBE
Linea M23,7 x 17,8202-noncolor55USB 3.03.1 MP | IMX265IL -1621001UCE
Linea M28,2 x 23,620245nonmonochrome36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL -1622001UBE
Linea M28,2 x 23,6202-noncolor36USB 3.05.0 MP | IMX264IL -1622001UCE

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