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CCD IP Network Camera Series

Rolling Shutter CMOS megapixel cameras give a low recognition rate of auto license plates due to line scan image acquisition. Due to a 200ms delay for the encoding process,IP cameras with rolling shutters have difficulty capturing the image at the exact required time. Global shutter CCD cameras capture plates on cars moving more than 200km/h with only a 2.5ms delay.Furthermore,night color images have less noise and better color rendition for the recognition of car color,brand,driver’s face and other characteristics.These cameras employ an external trigger/strobe under dark environmental conditions; and produce bright and vivid images,even with high speed shuttering.Lighting life is 2 times longer than constant lighting. With a global shutter IP camera, the user can chose to capture multi images with different brightness setting.

This function to set the brightness of several ROIs differently;and by providing an HTTP API, ONVIF,PSIA,DLL Library,is very compatible with most kinds of VMS.
These IP cameras are used in red light traffic enforcement systems and long distance montoring systems.All-In-One(Lens/Lighting/Housing Built-in) cameras are also more convenient to install and maintain.

About this series

CCD IP Network Camera Series

IMI TECH’s global shutter CCD IP camera captures plates on cars that are driving more than 200km/h, because the direct image capture from the global shutter image sensor end has only a 2.5ms delay. Furthermore, IMI TECH camera’s night color image has less noise and better color rendition; which can be used not only for ANPR, but also for the recognition of car color, brand, driver’s face and other characteristics. IMI TECH camera can employ the external trigger/strobe at night or under dark environmental conditions; and get bright & vivid images, even with high speed shuttering. The user can select advanced settings like the function to capture multi images with different brightness setting, the function to set the brightness of ROI differently and the function to stream different resolution videos at once, etc.

ModelSensorResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSChromaMountDatasheet
IMC-91171/2″1.4MP4.65µm30ColorCView Details
IMC-91212/3″2.0MP5.5µm30ColorCView Details
IMC-81151/3″0.9MP4.08µm30ColorCView Details
IMB-81161/3″1.2MP3.75µm30MonoCView Details
IMC-81161/3″1.2MP3.75µm30ColorCView Details
IMB-81171/2″1.4MP4.65µm30MonoCView Details
IMC-81171/2″1.4MP4.65µm30ColorCView Details
IMB-81201/1.8″1.9MP4.4µm25MonoCView Details
IMC-81201/1.8″1.9MP4.4µm25ColorCView Details
IMC-81281/1.8″2.0MP3.69µm30ColorCView Details
IMC-81401″4.0MP5.5µm15ColorCView Details
IMB-81502/3″5.0MP3.45µm15MonoCView Details
IMC-81502/3″5.0MP3.45µm15ColorCView Details

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